Friday, 11 December 2009

Short week

This has turned out to be a short running week with relatives in town and a bit of a rush at work to get ready for the upcoming holiday.

Wednesday: 6 miles at 7.20 per mile. This was a very quick run designed to get to 7.10 per mile (ie a PB for 10k) but the pace in the first 2 to 3 miles was below 7.00 per mile and then I blew up in the second half. Idiot!

Thursday: 11 miles home from work from Mitcham. A bit hilly, using the iPod and not really putting in much of an effort save for trying to run smoothly and enjoy myself. 8.26 per mile for 1 hour 29 mins. Felt good

Friday: a dull 40 minutes on the treadmill to do 6.5 miles.

Now it's the holiday. I am off to Cuba on Sunday and have no idea how much exercise I will do until Boxing Day. Probably nutthin but swimmin.

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