Wednesday, 24 February 2010

23/24 Feb

Lost my opportunity to go for a run at lunchtime by a meeting that ran over and so found myself at home in the evening thinking I had missed a day. At 9 pm, in a fit of enthusiasm (guilt?), I decided to do some weights. A very tigerish 45 minutes later and my arms and legs were feeling very heavy indeed. Woke up this morning feeling rather the worse for wear and sporting a sore shoulder.

A briskish 8 miles round Hyde Park at 7.57 per mile at lunchtime. All miles fairly even, which was not bad given that I am suspicious I have a cold coming on. Can't quite decide if its real or not (could be after effects of the weights session). I guess I will know tomorrow, but the nose is suspiciously drippy this afternoon.

Miles this week so far: 15.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Must have forgotten to post news of some runs as the last entries seem to be old. Oh well, you didnt miss much. In the week before half term there was a weights session, an interval session and then a 8 mile run home from work.

Then we made the mistake of going on holiday for 10 days skiing. Every year I tell myself this will not hurt my fitness and every year I am wrong. Sure, there is a good muscular workout for the legs and shoulders (all the polling along) but the CV fitness is nowhere near enough. So...I did 7 miles last night and felt terrible. An embarrassing 8.30 per mile, although it was on a hilly course and with a heavier than usual bag. Hopefully, I'll fell better next time out. At least I have two months uninterrupted running ahead.

Monday, 8 February 2010

5 and 7 Feb

I wish I had more to tell you but.....

On Friday I managed to leave all forms of timing apparatus either at home or in the office and so ran 8 miles home some time or other.

On Sunday, I ran 14 miles. I definitely did 13.1 miles (ie a half marathon) in 1.43 and I think I got to 14 miles in 1.51, but my Garmin has just given up the ghost and I can't retrieve the data from it. The run was good. I felt a bit flat-footed and the slight numbness in my heel was bothering me a bit. I think it might be time to crack open the new shoes just in case the heel support has gone on the current pair. However, the time for the run was OK given that I was not attempting to run at race pace for a half marathon. In fact, it was probably a bit fast for a race pace marathon. Anyway, the push into greater distances starts here and it is always a bit of a landmark to go beyond half distance for the first time.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

1/2 Februay

Monday: weights

Tuesday: 40 minutes of interval training. 2 minutes at 10 kph followed by 2 mins at 15pkh. No fun at all.

Sunday 31 Januray

12 miles at 8.02 per mile up to Cheam and back represents a very brisk run all things considered. Pace fairly even save for where the hills kick in. I felt good all the way through, even up the hill out of Epsom (although the pace slowed a bit).

Felt fairly shattered after the run and a little sick. This may have been the drink I took with me which did not seem to agree with me right from the off. Must remember to get some Lucozade in.

Friday 29 Jan

A fairly relaxed 10.6 miles home from Mitcham Junction. Averaged 8.28 per mile and was not pushing and keeping a regular pace up all the way. Suffered a bit in the last mile up the hill out of Epsom but otherwise a fairly even run.

Got home to find my new shoes have arrived. I am planning to keep them in reserve until my birthday.