Wednesday, 24 February 2010

23/24 Feb

Lost my opportunity to go for a run at lunchtime by a meeting that ran over and so found myself at home in the evening thinking I had missed a day. At 9 pm, in a fit of enthusiasm (guilt?), I decided to do some weights. A very tigerish 45 minutes later and my arms and legs were feeling very heavy indeed. Woke up this morning feeling rather the worse for wear and sporting a sore shoulder.

A briskish 8 miles round Hyde Park at 7.57 per mile at lunchtime. All miles fairly even, which was not bad given that I am suspicious I have a cold coming on. Can't quite decide if its real or not (could be after effects of the weights session). I guess I will know tomorrow, but the nose is suspiciously drippy this afternoon.

Miles this week so far: 15.

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