Monday, 8 February 2010

5 and 7 Feb

I wish I had more to tell you but.....

On Friday I managed to leave all forms of timing apparatus either at home or in the office and so ran 8 miles home some time or other.

On Sunday, I ran 14 miles. I definitely did 13.1 miles (ie a half marathon) in 1.43 and I think I got to 14 miles in 1.51, but my Garmin has just given up the ghost and I can't retrieve the data from it. The run was good. I felt a bit flat-footed and the slight numbness in my heel was bothering me a bit. I think it might be time to crack open the new shoes just in case the heel support has gone on the current pair. However, the time for the run was OK given that I was not attempting to run at race pace for a half marathon. In fact, it was probably a bit fast for a race pace marathon. Anyway, the push into greater distances starts here and it is always a bit of a landmark to go beyond half distance for the first time.

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