Monday, 2 November 2009

Half way there

A terrible week, involving postponement of several runs due to sore legs (Wednesday), a funeral and a party (Thursday) and weather (Friday). It's surprising how low you can feel if a few days go by without activity.

On Saturday I went out for a brief easy run of 6.02 miles in 46.35 or 7.44 mins per mile. I did not feel at my best and was really quite tired afterwards and feeling generally out of form.

On Sunday, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a full 13 miles at race pace. This went quite well, although I had to go along a hilly course (Ashtead to Cheam and back) due to weather in the early part of the day leaving the flatter course unavailable. Things went well for the first ten miles and I was at or around the target pace of 7.30 per mile for quite a while until the uphill section started. I suspect could easily have managed 1hr 40 mins for the full run under these conditions. However, the last few miles were a real hell and times plummeted to over 8.30 per mile. The final time was 1hr 43.03 at 7.56 per mile.

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