Thursday, 15 April 2010

Two weeks to go

There are now only two weeks to go until the big day. This means "tapering" i reducing the amount of training in order to rest and conserve energy for the big day.

Monday: a weights session. A great way to cheat.

Wedensday: 16 miles in four laps of Hyde Park. I simply could not resist the opportuntiy to get in a final long run. I have always felt that too few long runs have cost me time and energy in my other marathons. I chose to do this in the park as its pretty much the flattest running I do. I did not intend to run quickly and took my iPod as this is usually guaranteed to take my mid off pace and slow me down. In the end, I ran 16.22 miles at an average of 8.10 per mile and kept a fairly even pace. Only the last mile was a little slower than the rest and this was partly a deliberate slackening off.

Another rest day tomorrow.

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