Sunday, 4 April 2010


Monday: a rest day

Tuesday: weights in the gym

Wednesday: interval session. 15 minutes boxing, 15 minutes pushing the big rubber tyres and 30 minutes on the treadmill. A better session than usual.

Thursday: 8 miles at lunchtime round Hyde Park in around 7.45 pace (data lost)

Sunday: 20 miles in 2.44.14 or 8.12 per mile. This was a really pleasing long run. I ate and drank well on Saturday and Sunday morning and also did two 10-mile loops so as to be able to npick up more fluid at half way. It really helped and the run remained strong right through to the end. I even made a sub 8-min mile at mile 16, the fastest of the whole thing. The only slower miles were for the 2 miles of hills which finished each loop. I am now full of confidence for the race and hope to be able to find 3.40 and maybe even below. That would be a dream.

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