Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Failed to get out for a long run on Sunday owing to the pressures of a family weekend and general tiredness. I decided to make up for this by going out on Monday evening. In the end, I ran 10.8 miles but have no time for the run as the Garmin ram out of gas after the first two miles. The route took me from Ashtead back to Cheam over the usual route. It was very surprising how easy the running seemed without a coat and a backpack and for the first time this year I was floating along at what seemed to be quite a decent pace, despite the hills. The new Ron Hill tights were worn for the first time and were very comfortable indeed. The weather was just about cool enough as I did not run until 6 pm. The gloves had to come off after a couple of miles. All in all, the most enjoyable run of the year.

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