Monday, 11 January 2010

SNow Stops Play

Still way too much snow on the ground for proper training.

Monday was weights and Tuesday a brisk run in the park - 6 miles around Hyde Park in freezing temperatures in around 7.38 per mile. This was much slower than pre-Christmas, but it was the first pacey run after a long break and I was having a little trouble with breathing as I think there is some form of chest infection lurking. I decided not to push it too far and the second half was more modest than the first. The the snow two runs on the treadmill in the remainder of the week. The first was 10k at 12.5 kph and I felt terrible afterwards. I now have a sore throat to go with my slightly restricted breathing but there is nothing seriously wrong. The second was 12k in one hour and I felt much better afterwards.

Another more vigorous weights session today and not too many ill effects. Breathing and sore throat back to normal.

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