Friday, 19 March 2010

16 - 18 March

Tuesday: easy 5 miles on treadmill at 8 min per mile.

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: a massive 18 miles in 2hrs 29 mins or 8.17 per mile. This was the usual route out to Dorking and beyond in fairly good conditions (warm but a little breezy). The pace was reasonably consistent: a little slower for some uphill miles and a little quicker for downhill. The only difficult miles were the last three, which are notably more uphill than the rest. Having come up the tougher slopes from 16 to 17 miles, the final mile was a bit of a struggle and I did not get to pick up the pace even though the terrain had levelled out (9 min 12 secs for final mile). I think I need to take more than one bottle of fluid on these longer runs now as I ran out after 12 miles and felt a little dehydrated towards the end.

All looking good for April so far. I think I shall plan a 19 mile run and a 20 mile run over the next few weeks.

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