Tuesday, 9 March 2010

4/5 March

Thursday: a standard interval session over 5 miles.

Friday: a great run of 17 miles to Westcott and back. Conditions were perfect: the sun shone and there was no wind and a relatively cool temperature. I ran in a single layer. The run took 2.21.35 or 8.19 per mile. I felt good and strong for the whole run and the pace only slacked off in the last three miles as the return hills kicked in. I had eaten very well during the morning and drunk plenty of liquid before setting off. This made all the difference to last weekend's disastrous outing which I had attempted with minimal food and dehydrated. Confiodence came flooding back and the recovery over Friday and Satursday was reasonable. There was certainly not much stiffness although there was a little fatigue.

Total miles for the week: 36. Managed 5 consecutive days of training.

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