Friday, 12 March 2010

9/10/11/12 March

Missed a day on Monday because of work things but then managed to run home on Tuesday: 10.4 miles at 8.26 per mile along a hilly course and carrying a bag.

Wednesday: a very vigorous run on the treadmill: 5k at 14kph (fast) and then intervals for another 5k. Very tired afterwards.

Thursday: weights session at home

Friday: 10.5 miles at 8 mins per mile along a flat course.This was supposed to be a race pace run but I just seemed to get quicker as the run went along and felt good. I may not get a long run in this week as I am away for the weekend and its too much to run and drive. Hoping for 13 miles tomorrow. That would be 40 miles for the week.

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