Monday, 1 March 2010

27 Feb

Once in every training programme for a marathon there is a sharp reminder about the level of respect you have to show the longer distances. I planned to have an easy Saturday and go for a long run (16 miles) in the afternoon. I promptly managed to forget that I would need to be properly hydrated and fed before such a long run and set out with far from sufficient food or drink inside me and taking only a bottle of Lucozade sport for nourishment.

The result was the most traumatic run I have endured for a long while. I ran our along the A24 to Dorking and beyond and was feeling reasonable at a steady pace to half way. However, the pain began as I turned for home and I began to feel quite tired quite quickly and endured a terrible last 30 minutes where every step was agony and I have no idea how I managed to get home without actually walking. I managed to forget to charge my Garmin and I have no idea how fast I was running in the final few miles but I would guess at slower than 10 mins per mile on the relative flat.

I had to be rescued from the doorstep when I got home and given sugary tea to recover.

Thankfully, I think this was the result of poor preparation and not any difficulty with the distance as I recovered fairly quickly and had a busy day on Sunday.

Note to self: IDIOT!

Miles for the week: 35

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