Wednesday, 3 March 2010

1/2/3 March

Had a great lift last night when I totted up my fundraising totals and realised I am over 90% of the way to my target of £2,000. That's motivation for you.

Monday: 6 miles in 44 mins 15 secs. A great way to bring back the confidence after Saturday's fiasco. A really good, consistent run without ever truly feeling like the gas was all the way down.

Tuesday: weights session.

Wednesday: decided to try and run 8 miles at my new target pace of 8.20 per mile (equivalent to a 3.40 marathon). It's actually quite hard running that slowly and I kept having to check my watch and slow down. On any downhill section it was really difficult to stay north of 8 mins per mile. I eventually managed to drop anchor sufficiently to come home in an average pace of 8.15 per mile. It was very easy, although the run was relatively flat. I need to use this as a confidence booster to tackle the long training runs.

Miles so far this week: 14

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